Our team can work with you to help design a custom piece to meet your own personal furniture requirements  “Art Classic” will work with you every step of the way to deliver a truly unique and quality product


ANTIQUE FURNITURE started company in the late 2000’s and has also been involved with interior decorating and renovating of homes. We are has taken time to develop for reputable company in Furniture Antique and top quality French Reproduction Furniture.

Our Wood Material is Legal with SVLK Cerfitication

SVLK stands for Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu, which translates as Timber Legality Assurance System, or so called as Indo-TLAS. It was in June 2009, The Minister of Forestry launched a new regulation (P.38/Menhut-II/2009) on SVLK as an effort on timber legality standard used for exports.

English Antique Georgian Furniture

ANTIQUE FURNITURE Designs give your home timeless elegance.

Service overview

We enhance our service to provide our customer Custom Built Furniture order with free Estimation quote, Easy Buying Experience for existing collections. We take pride in building our furniture with the quality you expect. We will customize and build whatever you wish to have made. We keep the quality high while trying our hardest to keep the price low


We first became aware of Antique Furniture through its website, which is quite good with its detailed description of each piece of furniture. But it is nothing, however, when compared to the in depth knowledge provided by Antique Furniture

Widodo took the time to explain how each piece came about with their full history. The detailed information about furniture was unparalleled.
First we trial order 20″ and with accept with good quality, only 2 pcs damaged becasue transportation. We currently sell almost 60% of our sales capacity


I have worked with Antique Furniture over many years and on many projects. Ranging from extensive domestic kitchens to fully fitting out our project hotel at in my city, including , Restaurant Poject, Furniture for Private House Project, a new reception and treatment rooms. The quality of his work is first class, prices fair and delivered on time. It has always been a pleasure to deal with Antique Furniture

Lars Abrahamsson-Friendshipbay Hotel Carribean

I fell in love business with Antique Furniture , the handmade furniture made from unique crafted and carving. after visiting many company in Jepara . As a result I had Antique Furniture design and create various pieces furniture I had purchased for my shop. The results exceeded my expectations and I believe that they are good quality and good service in business

Peter C-Denmark

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